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More details about Bolid - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

In the childhood almost every boy dreams of being a racer. Then we become adults, but still dream. Just look around – while we watch Nascar or Formula 1 at the weekends our little kids start riding racing cars around the sofa. And what about creating and collecting your own bolid together with your kids?

The best decision is MIKO 3d puzzle bolid. It’s a cool wooden mechanical toy car for kids, teens and adults. You can spend exciting time together with all your family while assembling it. Afterwards your children can play with it, while you will pleasure watching them. It is enough to turn a rubber actuator and you will see the speed of this wooden car. But that’s not all, since Miko Company does everything to impress you.

Can you imagine this wood model has an independent suspension of wheels, while imitating the operation of an internal combustion engine in the form of moving pistons give the car some realism. Yes, it perfectly repeats the real racing bolid! 

It can be a great present for any adult collectors of modelsthis wooden bolid will become a real "highlight" of their collections. 

All MIKO 3d wooden mechanical puzzles are made of safe wood that not only provides safe gaming to your kids, but also saves the environment. When the toy life will come to the end it will be recycled to save the nature cycle. Make the right decisions with DoEcoLiving! 

Customer reviews
Elizabeth Rose 777
The items are fun, creative and the best version of the adult construction kit.
Will P.
I didn't hear about MIKO 3d puzzles earlier. It's OK
Rob Stivenson
fantastic bolid for my grandson Harry. We've assembled it together. It was good experience for us.
Alan Grant
I think that's a good one. What I liked is the unusual model - didn't see it anywhere. I love Formula 1 - now I have the wood model car of a real bolid.
Max R.
This is a unique 3d puzzle. I have never seen such a thing. Although I watched Rokr and Ugears. Plywood is high quality, easy to assemble.
Nice model really. My son liked it - but I think it was hard for him - he is 9 - so I had to help him in the assembling process. But in total it's an interesting time to spend.
Do Eco Living
David , thank you for your order. We are happy that you liked it. Our 3d mechanical puzzles are for kids 12 years and older - so for 9 year old the parent's help might be needed.
Tom Dylan
And after the blunders we decorated our car
Drew Torres
Even the valves move in the engine. Can you imagine?
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