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More details about Bulldozer - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

What do you think when you see some tractor passing by? Probably most children and adults catch their breath. In all the times heavy equipment impressed people. One of such examples is a bulldozer that appeared in the world in faraway 1923. From that time they have developed and became more and more effective. 

Today MIKO Company gives you opportunity to have your own little wooden reproduction of the tractor – it’s 3d mechanical bulldozer puzzle for adults and teens. This toy immediately catches your eye. It’s a 4-wheeled tractor with the universal blade in front of it. It perfectly repeats the real bulldozer in every detail. 

You can have a lot of fun while assembling it. Just imagine, first you have an exciting and fascinating time while collecting it and afterwards your children can start the gameplay! All MIKO 3d puzzles are mechanical and this wooden model is not an exception. Only few turns of the rubber motor and your wooden puzzle will start its movement just like the real one!

It’s a great opportunity to feel yourself as an engineer. You can be the one who created a bulldozer and now watches the results of your great work! Every little boy or adult man will totally enjoy this 3d mechanical puzzle. 

If you are still thinking here are three reasons why you need to choose MIKO 3d bulldozer puzzle: 

  1. It’s a great chance for your child to create something by themselves.
  2. It develops critical thinking.
  3. It’s made of tree – the safest material in the world.

Everyone will be pleased to get such great wooden model as a gift. So stop thinking right now and make the right choice! All products presented at DoEcoLiving are 100% eco-friendly and safe. 


Customer reviews
Nesibe Karatas
To be able to put together such complex mechanisms is a joy in itself. There are robust and fascinating.
Pensive wanderer
I have made at least 3 different models and I think I am addicted!
My nephew loves to pack. We think he will like this gift.
Tina Lee
Got t for a birthday present for my friend's son. I think he liked it. Great fast delivery with free shipping!
Tom Loy
Bought this tractor for my grandson. He is 13. He spent 4 hours on building it and it’s really neat seeing all the pieces coming together to make the engine work!
He was happy like a kid while assembling it 3d puzzle.
Just cool
Monica Stella
This is the 2nd 3D puzzle. Oh yeah
The eldest son was collecting, and the kids are playing. Everything is fine, only the mirrors were broken off))
Thanks to your 3d puzzles my children and I have something to do in quarantine puzzles. It’s really interesting thing to do. Thanks for fast delivery guys!
Chris Barlow
I think it's my third MIKO toy. I really like their puzzles. They are kinda different from Ugears and WT. Though their instructions are not so clear and the one I mentioned earlier, but the unique model range definitely is an advantage to chose it. I will be waiting for new models from you)
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