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Cab - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

Cab - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

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Probably each of us no matter a child or adult would like to be a king or a queen for a moment. Just think how cool it would be to ride a cab with horses. Those old times were so amazing! Today we present you a great memo from the past. MIKO 3d wooden puzzle cab is a great wooden toy horse for teens and adults. It perfectly repeats all the details that were in cabs of old times.  

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  • Material:

    High-quality plywood; no glue or cutting required

  • Model's dimension, l*w*h:

    14.9 x 5.5 x 8.6 in

  • Weight of the package:

    2.2 lb

  • Complexity of assembly


  • Assembly time

    3 hours

  • Quantity of parts

    313 pieces model kits

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    Do you remember how people used to leave without cars? Back in in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries they all used to move with the help of cabs. And what about all those cabs of the royal family.
    A great thing about our wooden toy with the horse is that it actually moves – yes it’s a mechanical 3d puzzle. So as soon as you will collect it you will get a chance to play it. Isn’t it exciting?

    Even kid can play with MIKO 3D wooden puzzles, but please we ask you to supervise them. When creating this wooden 3d puzzle MIKO made their best – so now we see a two-wheeled crew, made with the lowest center of gravity that moves really fast, just like wind!

    3d wooden MIKO cab model will be great present not only for kids:
    1) Fans of English classics will enjoy it.
    2) Collectors can add it to their collections.
    3) Sherlock Holm’s fans will adore it.
    4) Actually any adult person will be joyful to get it an eco-gift.
    All MIKO wooden toys are safe and eco-friendly. You can be calm when your child plays it. Make the right choice – chose DoEcoLiving!
    collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Berta Stewart
Cab - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

When you tear off the box and look at the contents, one thought arises in the head - what to do about it? But thanks to the detailed instructions, a moving horse and a cart to it in addition arise from a pile of dignities. This is magic and even hands))

Oliver Kinsley
Cab - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

I had got it about 6 month ago and then had to move to other house, As the result I lost the instruction. Can you help me get it once again. then I will be able to assemble it.

Oliver , we will contact the supplier and ask him to send us additional instruction in PDF. After that we will send it to your e-mail.

Bern Stanley
Cab - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

Intresting mechanical puzzles for adults. This is an unique model. I've never seen anything like it

Chris Barlow
Cab - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

I think it's my third MIKO toy. I really like their puzzles. They are kinda different from Ugears and WT. Though their instructions are not so clear and the one I mentioned earlier, but the unique model range definitely is an advantage to chose it. I will be waiting for new models from you)