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More details about Car Offroader LM-9 CUBIKA

Caring parents always choose the best toys for their beloved child. First of all of course we pay attention to the quality of the product and how much it will be not only interesting, but also useful. The perfect solution will be the eco-friendly toys of popular Ukrainian brand Cubika that specializes in the production of such toys, using natural ash and beech wood for their manufacture.

Many boys admire the big SUVs on the roads. And now the baby will be able to get his first toy and present himself as a driver of a real jeep, overcoming off-road. The Cubika Offroader LM-9 will be interesting for any boy from the age of one year. The presented model consists of wooden parts that are connected with magnets. The shape and size of the toy allows it to easily fit in a children's hand, which is very convenient for playing at home and outdoors. Big plus of the toy is that it does not have sharp corners, which ensures the safety of the baby during the game. The toy is coated with environmentally friendly natural water-based and led free paints that retain color saturation for a long time.

The Cubika Offroader LM-9 design machine will not only interest the baby, but will also positively influence the development of its attentiveness, memory, quick wits, fine motor skills, imagination and perseverance.

Customer reviews
Jina Taylor
got it in summer and it's still one of the best toys. Tim takes it everywhere he goes. Actually thought that he need one more and bought a taxi car. Well not a good idea - it simply lives in the toy box. The toy is durable - no scratches at all appeared for 4 month. The paint seems to be organic and non-toxic - no scent at all. For sure I can recommend this company.
Kristin Smiley
Durable but easy to handle.great product
john. mary
Everything is simple, which means it will serve for a long time. I hope)
Liliane ТН
The machine is super, but we lost one element
Nice one. It became the favorite car of my little 15 month boy. But he always pulls it into his mouth. Where can I make sure that it's totally safe?
Do Eco Living
Carlos , it is very easy - you can re-check our certificates page and there you will make sure that all products are certified and safe for children.
Donna Lyn
Great toy! Nice sizes - convenient to take it anywhere me and my son go. Thanks!
Do Eco Living
Donna Lyn , Thanks for your trust and choice of our eco toys.
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