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More details about CARD HOLDER - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The UGears Card Holder set is a part of a series of unique smart devices for true board game lovers that not only like to keep all the game accessories in order but also have a passion for elegant mechanisms. The UGears team is always trying to do their best to add their signature mechanical elements to every 3D puzzle set in a subtle way. This, in return, adds a bit of magic that is based on simple physical principles into every set. This series is not an exception, however odd the idea might sound at first, but RPG tabletop games are sure to only benefit from smart mechanical accessories that will create a unique setting on the table while being functional and very handy at the same time.

The Card Holder set is a perfect example of what happens when style meets functionality. When assembled it looks like a beautiful wooden box with whimsical patterns, and, moreover, does not take up much space. It is convenient to carry it with you to the next place of meeting with your friends, and it is ideal for a dramatic show-off to them before the start of the game.

After a couple of hours of an exciting assembly process with no need for glue or any special tools, the Card Holder set turns into a real treasure chest with an elegant locking mechanism and a mechanical secret hidden inside. 12 card compartments are designed to accommodate up to 400 2.48” x 3.46” cards and are big enough for you to keep cards in their sleeves inside. But don’t be fooled by its elegant exterior, the Card Holder set is not just a fancy container that you can keep your cards in to save some space on your table, it is also a handy card display accessory that helps you clear the battlefield even more, as you just have to reach for the card you need as all the stacks are perfectly visible, once you open the lock with a self-contained latch.

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