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More details about Chinese House Natural Ceramic Building Bricks WISE ELK

What do we imagine when we think about buildings in Chinese style? Probably everyone just formed a unique picture in our imagination. However all our pictures will look alike due to specific of Chinese culture. It’s very distinctive with stable traditions that are different from other Eastern, and even more European cultures. All the basic techniques, both constructive and decorative, have developed in antiquity and have remained with little changes. 

Today Wise Elk team offers you a new ceramic building set that will allow you to build your own Chinese House. It’s a set of parts of a puzzle for adults, teens and kids. The parts are smooth blocks, from which the architectural monuments are collected and look very realistic. The package also includes glue. It is designed to bond the individual elements together.

But you should not think that this makes the toy "disposable". It is enough to place the finished homemade model in the water for 30 minutes. The glue will get wet and the parts will separate.  SO now you can begin the gameplay once again! Isn’t it awesome!

Customer reviews
My grandson loves to assemble everything so I got this set for Christmas - I hope it will be good for him.
Lisa Romano
It takes delicacy and patience, but it's worth it!
Kristen Reinhard
Cool constructor. It looks like it was well thought out.
Health Care
Items are interesting, creative and the best version of adult leggos available.
Took it for friends as a gift - they liked it, they always like to build something
Good one. But we didn't try to re-assemble it. So I don;t know how it will be. After we do it - I will write one more comment.
Nice little house turned out
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