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More details about COMBINE HARVESTER - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

Bring in the crops with this working Combine Harvester! Ugears Original Combine Harvester model is a top-notch example of the wonders of mechanics. Just like a UgearsmodelsTractor, the Combine is set in motion by its rubber-band motor. Roll it backwards to power the motor up, release the handbrake, and watch it head for the fields with its spinning wheels and rotating cutter board just like a real harvester.
A hidden storage compartment in the back gives you a place to keep your heirloom seeds for next season or could be used for sending love notes to your favorite farmer.


UGears Tractor, UGears Tractor`s Trailer, UGears UGM 11 Truck, UGears Additions To Truck

Customer reviews
I bought this as a Christmas present for my 9-year old son. He loved it! He needed lots of help to 1) stay on track (there are lots of steps), and 2) get the toothpicks pushed in as axles, but he really enjoyed putting it together and seeing how all the gears work together. Great project!
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