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Meet Eco Cupcake Set from Green Toys Company

Little hostesses and cooks will be delighted with the wonderful Green Toys Cupcake Set. If you buy this cupcake set for you little one believe us they will love such an interesting and responsible mission that will be put on their shoulders.

The Cupcake Set from Green Toys consists of 5 cupcakes that can be divided into several parts. As the result your child can create his own designed cupcakes by combining different colors. At the same time it will help you little pumpkin to practice colors and counting, develop imagination and logical thinking.

Best eco materials for cupcake Set from green Toys 

All the parts of the set, as all the other toys from green Toys Company, are made from 100% recycled plastic that where milk bottles in the previous life. All paints that were used during production are non-toxic and safe since they are water-based and natural. The set of 5 cupcakes is perfectly finished by a cake stand display. The cake stand is perfect for presentation and storage, and can even be used to serve actual cupcakes.

An entertaining kit will be a great accessory for baby role-playing games. The girl can imagine herself as a cook and open a gourmet restaurant, or she can set a festive table and treat all dolls with tea with a delicious cupcake. 

Just look on all advantages of a cupcake set

  1. The child in an easy and relaxed form will train imagination.
  2. It will develop fine motor skills and coordination of movements.
  3. Colors and counting skills will be in a great practice. 
  4. The kit can be used not only at home, but also in kindergartens and early development centers.
  5. In the team, the baby will acquire the necessary social skills and will enjoy the exciting game.
  6. 100% recycled plastic is best eco material that can be used anywhere – so you get house and outdoor toy at the same time. 

Believe us every girl will come up with many interesting stories, each game will be exciting, enjoyable and fascinating in its own way. It’s time to buy a perfect eco-friendly Green Toys Cupcake Set at DoEcoLiving!

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