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Best eco-friendly Doctor's set in the USA from the Le Toy Van Company

One of the most beloved by all kids’ game is being a doctor! Probably each of us played it in our childhood. Just remember how exciting it was!

But how can we make the doctor’s game more interesting and believable. DoEcoLiving has a solution – it’s an environmentally friendly Doctor’s Medical Set developed by the famous Le Toy Van Company.

The eco toy is a doctor’s bag filled with wooden medical instruments and bottles. It will perfectly fit the children of ages 3+ years. They will be absolutely attracted by the quality of performance of all the “Doctor's Set” toys and their bright colors - with water paints that are 100% safe nd lead free.

Many advantages of the Doctor’s medical Set from Le Toy Van

  1. Helps develop imagination while pretending a doctor.
  2. Develops logic, memory, finger motility and coordination of movements.
  3. Who knows, maybe thanks to these toys your son or daughter will become doctors in the future?

This set will become a great present for any occasion or just a good toy that will fit your child’s everyday gameplay. And don’t forget that it’s environmentally friendly, support sustainable paly together with DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
I have a 2yo princess and she loves this doctor set. Everything is well-made. I like the bag with the magnetic top - it helps us to keep everything in order and it's easy to open/ I think it's important due to kids usage.
It costs more than your average plastic set, but you’re paying for quality.
I love this set. Yes quite pricey but I knew that when I ordered it, For me the main thing is that it's wooden - not plastic. My daughter really likes it and so do I. Nicely packed so would make a lovely gift.
Really nice set and my son loves it. the only minus is the shot toy - it pinched his hand twice. So I had to take it away from him. Everything else is great.
My daughter wanted this.
Katrina N.
Cute set and my daughter loves it, but the shot toy pinched her hand. I had to tape it so that she could still play with it. That it's good quality but be careful with the shot.
Amazing one! It's hundo p one of the best sets we had in house
Russell Griggs
We bought a specially designed medical bag for toys, and there is such a set - my daughter is very happy
Eliza Dunn
I LIKE YOUR STORE.Very easy purchasing process! Thanks!
Do Eco Living
Eliza Dunn, Thanks a lot for your choice!
Do Eco Living
Eliza Dunn, Thanks a lot for your choice!
Alice N.
This one became the love in our house. My princess runs around and tries to cure everyone around. It's so halerious. thanks guys for such a nice doctor kit.
Fantastic kids wooden doctor kit. My family loves toys from Doecoliving!
Barbara Q.
Super doctor toy set. Thanks!
Sarah Human
The doctor set is very good.
This doctor set is a actually useful toy after quarantine.
Children are delighted
Ann Cooper
Got this set yesterday . Was really surprised by the quality of toys. They are really perfect. My baby girl is 4 years old - now she is our family doctor, lol)
Do Eco Living
Ann Cooper , Thanks a lot for your comment! We are very pleased that you liked Le Toy Van toys. Hope to see you soon again.
Josie Chrystal
Oh I simply adore Le Toy Van toys.l They are so perfect. My two kids love them.
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