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Little bit of history of the Ugears car Dream Cabriolet

Nowadays it’s hard to find a person, who is not interested in cars at least a little bit. When we see a nice vehicle on the street we have associations with speed, road and traveling. But what comes on our mind when we see the old-fashioned cabriolet? Of course 1950’s – time of the rock-n-roll, Elvis Presley and singing Merlyn Monroe. We all remember those great times! Even young people know them due to thousands of movies. 

Far away in 1950’s having a cabriolet was a meaning of your status. Just like what we now call luxury. Probably many people would like to feel themselves on the place of a stylish cabriolet owner. Ugears Company can make your dream come true! Today they present you a perfect genies 3d car puzzle - The Dream Cabriolet VM-05. It gives you a chance to go back to an old era and become a part of it.  

All details of Ugears car models catch the breath

All transport of those years had a unique attractive design. Ugears engineers tried to do their best to repeat all the main trends of that time in this wooden toy car.  

The Dream Cabriolet is a mechanical 3d puzzle so it has a rubber-band motor that powers the mechanism and makes the toy car move back and forward. By the way you can actually direct the car drive with the help of the steering wheel. 

This wooden model is actually uniqueevery detail done by Ugears makes it so realistic that it will catch your breath. We believe you will enjoy the window cranks and fully functional windshield wipers as well as a lifting jack and a repair toolkit mounted under the rear trunk. Time to assemble it and buy another game for Ugears at DoEcoLiving store! 

Customer reviews
Great site, so easy to use. Hope to see the new products soon.
Marc Paul
I'm so impressed with the , I just ordered the Monowheel. Keep up the good quality and I'll be getting more kits in the future!
Loy Fighter
ugears 3d wooden puzzles are very expensive. rokr are better
Do Eco Living
Loy Fighter, You can actually can get a 10% discount for your first order - just press the bell in the left bottom corner. Also we always offer nice discounts and sales for our regular customers. That way you can buy Ugears cheaper then Rokr.
Joseph Byers
Actually this one I got as a present from my children. They know that I am passionate about wooden models, especially cars. Although I am probably to old for those little details so I had to ask my grandson to help me. We were great team and assembled it.
It was a Christmas gift. And we assembled it with the whole family. Ugears are really good 3d puzzles
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