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Best choice of dump truck from Green Toys Company

For all lovers of vehicles heavier than cars, Green Toys team created an excellent dump truck. The model is absolutely eco-friendly since it is made of 100% recycled from milk bottles plastic. The dump truck has no metal elements. So you can be absolutely calm about the safeness of the gameplay. 

Exclusive and beautiful Green Toys Dump Truck will be a perfect fit for children from one year old. This model is made in calm light colors that are pleasant to children's eyes. The wheels of the dump truck spin well, which allows them to easily play both on the floor and on the pavement. So the toy can be house or outdoor that makes it perfect in any season. 

Also there is one great feature of the truck – it has a moving body. It will delight everyone, because with its help you can really dump the existing cargo, making room for a new one. 

Playing with such an eco-dump truck will be a real pleasure for both boys and girls. At the same time it will please any parent’s eye since it eco safe. 

Just look over all the advantages of eco dump truck

  1. Made in the USA.
  2. Material is 100% recycled plastic.
  3. No BPA, phthalates or PVC.
  4. The toy meets FDA food contact standards.
  5. It can be easily cleaned and even used in dishwasher.
Customer reviews
All the wheels of the truck are spinning
I liked it - it's even bigger then I thought it would be. My 2yo son likes to spend time outdoors playing with it. It's not our first green toy buy so I know that quality is really good.
Kelly Wegener
It's a cool dump truck.
No sharp edges makes this a good truck for any age.
Nicholas Bannister
I'm for recycled toys - I think they save planet and trees. So I make green toys choice for already more then a year. Green Toys are always exceptional products.
Wendy Hoops
it pretty sturdy, it's a gift, I'm sure my grandson will like it
My two babies play with the dump truck every day and I don't think they will outgrow it any time soon.
Dana Miroballi
Our little guy just turned one and loves pushing it around the house. It is very easy to rinse off or wipe clean.
I don’t usually test toys, but we have had the truck for 3 years and we are very happy with the purchase.
Kerry L. Semon
how big is it?
Do Eco Living
Kerry L. Semon, The length of the truck is a little bit smaller than a ruler (about 10 inches). It's a little over half a ruler high (about 7 inches), and about 7 inches wide.
Smaller than I thought for the price, but that’s on me! I used these for the baby a gift. I still really liked the colors and this manufacturer.
Brett H.
This is a solid gift. I don't think I could break this - even if I decided to skate with it or something crazy. ...Or 2 year old child. It is a great sand toy, and we love it as such.
Susan Rain
I'm happy that my son play a recycle plastic toy truck.
Looks like plastic? What does it do in your store?
Do Eco Living
M.Stephanie, Yes you are right - this is plastic. But this is a 100% recycled plastic from used milk jugs. That way this recycling saves our planet and ecology!
Fred George
Found what I was looking for and completed the transaction easily and quickly.Thanks!
We have just got it yesterday! My son John adored it. I thought he would even go to bed with it. Thanks guys for a quick delivery.
Do Eco Living
Oliver, Thank you for your comment and for you choice!
Roland Н
Our truck has already transported everything that is possible in the house))
The son is delighted !!! Now we take a dump truck for every ride
Rachel Had
Save and ecofriendly toy. It's important for my and my 2 age Filly.
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