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More details about Eco-crayon Sticks - 20-pk

What can be better than art for development of our children? We all know that it develops imagination, creativity, fine motor skills of our little pumpkins. The most widespread first art activity is drawing with pencils. So it’s time to buy them now!

If you are looking for pencils for your child that will write brightly, richly and are suitable even for the smallest then the eco-crayon sticks from eco-kids company is just the perfect fit! The eco-kids brand had designed a set of 20 colors to create patterns of varying complexity. But most importantly, they are made from beeswax, which is completely safe for children. Dyes are also natural - these are vegetable paints. Children from 3 years old can create the first “pictures” with their help, and parents will not worry about the quality of materials and child’s safety.

These natural crayons do not need to be pressed into the paper to see the color - bright pigments appear when you lightly touch the surface. Therefore, the smallest artists love them so much. Eco-kids crayons are designed specifically for young children. Since they are 100% natural and eco-friendly they can be easily washed off with water from fabrics and other surfaces.  Wax crayons are completely ergonomic so they comfortably fit into your baby’s hands.

In cardboard packaging – 12 crayons of various colors, already sharpened and ready for use. Products from the eco-kids brand are characterized by an original design and high quality materials. DoEcoLiving always offers you only the best eco-friendly products for your safety!

Customer reviews
Annalise Oxtoby-White
We are satisfied with the eco-kids brand, we have already bought plasticine and paints from you
Can I get free shipping if I buy 3 items?
Do Eco Living
Ester, You can get Free Shipping if your buy will be more then $ 49 - it doesn't depend on quantity, just on the total of the order.
My son doesn’t care what pencils to draw, but I worry about environmental friendliness and thank you for washing off
Just simple pencils, the main thing is that they are environmentally friendly. That's what I like about them. Bought them for my grandchildren. Want to know that they are safe.
Tried them and what I can tell. Good side - they are really washable. My son colored his clothing and yep - there are no stains after I washed it. Bad side - they are not as bright as standard crayons.
Do Eco Living
Andrew , Yes we agree with you. As you understand if the colors are very bright then not natural pigments are used. And since eco-kids crayons are absolutely eco-friendly they can't be as bright as not eco crayons. So we are glad that you have chosen the safe game-play for your kids.
I love eco-kids brand. They are actually awesome. Was positively surprised to see it at DoEcoLiving
Do Eco Living
Helen , we are happy that you like our new range of products! We try to do our best for our clients!
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