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More details about Eco-dough 2-pack Assorted Case – Set of 3 Pieces - Moon (purple and blue), Sun (orange and yellow) and Flower (red and green)

All our kids adore bright fun. Especially when the gameplay unites together with creation and using their imagination.  Today we can find many different crafting kits at shops and online toy stores. But probably the most favorite crafting kit of all time is the dough kit! 

At the same time the dough type must be chosen very carefully since our little once touch it with their hands and even sometimes pull into their mouth. DoEcoLiving is ready to offer you a perfect solution! Eco-dough assorted case from famous Eco-Kids brand. It’s absolutely natural - made of wheat flour and organic oils and pigments.

Eco-dough from eco-kids guarantees lots of ​​pleasant emotions, allowing the baby to embody childhood fantasies. And let now forget that modeling from eco-friendly natural dough develops creative abilities, fine motor skills, and attention. Due to naturals material that are used to create eco-dough it’s absolutely safe and does not pose a danger to the child. This material for creativity is able to easily change shape, does not stick to children's pens and a table. Such a set opens up unlimited scope for its owner, allowing our kids to fantasize tirelessly!

The case contains 1 unit of Moon (purple and blue), 1 of Sun (orange and yellow) and 1 of Flower (red and green).  It will be totally enough to realize any child’s idea. Ice cream with cake or figured cookie from molds, a little house for a little animal or funny animal figures - with eco-dough from eco-kids everything becomes possible! Let’s DoEcoLiving together.

Customer reviews
Dana Miroball
our baby constantly puts Eco-dough into his mouth. It's good that it's quite natural
Annalise Oxtoby-White
here they wrote that the colors are not so bright - for us they are normal, my daughter likes
Tod Kidler
Not bad really, not that bright colors - but it's better for safety of my little one.
Gregg Quarter
Guys, you are the best!
Do Eco Living
Gregg Quarter, thanks a lot!
it’s very good that she doesn’t paint her hands and Emma doesn’t lick them
satisfied with the product
satisfied with the product
Hey guys - my daughter loves playing dough - but I usually make the homemade one - though it's not that colorful. I am just afraid that it's not safe - are you sure that it's good for little kids?
Do Eco Living
Olive , you can be absolutely calm. The supplier uses only natural pigments such as vegetables. Also they have all needed certificates. You can check them at our web.
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