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Best Haba shape sorter

All the kids love sorters, but sometimes its kinds hard to choose the right one. Haba team is ready to solve it just look at this perfect wooden shape sorter and a pulling figure fire car at the same time. It’s simply unique Monstesorri inspired design! Any little toddler will love it.  It fosters fine motor skills in a playful way and playfully reinforces color and shape recognition.

And don’t forget that fire cars are one of the most wide spread toys among the boys. That means that if you buy this wooden Haba shape sorter you will make a 100% right decision.

Advantages of wooden fire car and sorter  

Let’s look over all the positive moments if you buy this eco-friendly Haba sorter:

  • It will introduce the kid to different shapes of objects and show how to fill the truck
  • Such a game will help develop memory and logical thinking
  • All the elements of the eco toy are made of beech, covered with bright non-toxic paints, and therefore will not harm the child's health
  • Kid will be able to play not only a sorter, but a fire truck too
  • It will save your money since it unites two toys in one

Watch out! If you buy this wooden Haba sorter fire truck you child will love it and spend hours playing it!

Customer reviews
James 88
Nice toy - I like that it unites few toys is one - it really saves money.
Greg Stangel
If your toddler likes cars he'll love this one. It''s of a high quality really!
Great combination of multiple toys in one. This is a great addition to our toys that are for shape matching. The blocks are light and good quality so they go on and out of the holes easily.
great web site. wonderful product.
Bekkah Noroian
Any little things? I'm afraid that the child will not swallow anything
Do Eco Living
Bekkah Noroian, This toy has no little parts - it can fit any kid in the age of 12+ month
Kyle Tiller
I like this one - but is it good for an outdoor play? Can my child use it as outdoor lacing toy?
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