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Best role pay game with Fire Truck from the Green Toys Company

Just think about your childhood - probably every boy and even sometimes a girl imagined themselves in the role of a fireman! 

Today Green Toys team created an excellent fire truck for young children from the age of 1 year. This cute model will complement any desire from a little lover of the various equipment. The Green Toys Fire Truck is made of 100% recycled plastic that was milk bottles before. All the dies that were used in production is absolutely natural. And one more unique feature is that there is no metal in the construction of all green toys trucks. That way you can be sure that the fire truck is absolutely safe toy for your kid. 

Advantages of play with fire truck from Green Toys

  1. The gameplay will bring lots of pleasant moments to your little toddler. 
  2. It will help develop child’s imagination.
  3. Fire truck will develop hand motility and coordination of movements.
  4. Your toddler will use figurative and logical thinking.
  5. The truck is multi-season toy and can be used in house and as outdoor toy. 

On the roof of the eco fire truck there is a movable retractable ladder. The Green Toys Fire Truck will be a wonderful gift for any boy who is interested in the lifeguard or fire fighter profession. The model looks very realistic. High-quality performance and the use of high-impact material for the production of all Green Toys trucks will ensure its long service life. Do the right choices at DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
I'm not good in toys, but my sis told that her kiddo needs good truck for Christmas. I read a lot about many brands on web and many people say that Green toys are good. Hope that my nephew will like it.
Travis Jordan
I love this firetruck as does my son. firetruck also easy to clean, just wipe up.
Francis Joseph
My grandson plays with them every day and truly enjoys them. It is a very good size and seems to be very well made
Perfect for the little guy who loves to play firefighters. My son can't get enough of playing with this best fire truck!
Nayah Damasen
I would recommend this for ages 1-4
Polly R. Twins
My grandsons love this fire truck. They lean on it while running it across the floor! I've purchased many of the items of Green toys. Good quality and store to purchase from! This truck will outlast my grandsons
Austin Michaels
I bought this, because I wanted a quality toy that wouldn't fall apart. This truck is made out of some kind of plastic that is more durable than the thinner, shiny kind.
I leave them outside as outdoor toys half the year then wash them up and bring them in for winter. I am amazed at the quality of Green Toy products. And the kids love them too! I would highly recommend them.
Dino Dad
Very happy, shopping was easy and fast
All the wheels of the truck are spinning.
Green toys are made from recycled #2 plastics and made in the US. They’re very nice toys. We have quite the collection.
I'm not good in toys, but I liked it and got a present for my nephew - he loves it. Thanks guy for quick shipment.
Tiffany Gardener
Is Fire Truck Red a good gift for boy 5 years old?
Do Eco Living
Tiffany Gardener , Yes of course - it's a perfect fit for 5 year boy - he will love it!
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