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Meet Ugears Flight Starter - perfect copy of old-time toy

Nowadays kid’s rooms are filled by millions of different toys. The technical progress is so fast that sometimes we can’t even catch up with new trends. Back in the old days our growth was without such selection of playthings. 

Sometimes we want to turn back time and get those old-fashioned moments of our childhood. Remember how we made toys by ourselves? One of the most popular boys toy was a paper plane. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know how to do it. Unfortunately not always our paper-planes could make the right and long flight, but still they were fun to play. 

And what about uniting something from the past with today’s trends in gaming? Don’t worry – you don’t need to think about it since Ugears already did it for you! They present you the mechanical 3d flight starter puzzle.  It’s an unusual wood toy that creates a new flight game. It’s a launcher for light flying airplane models. The three of them are included into the set, but nothing can stop you to make as much as you want!

Time to use your imagination and start the flight 

Actually here everything depends on your imagination. You can create any paper models of airplanes, shuttles, helicopters or spaceships and then use wooden flight starter to make the plane ride long and accurate. Just imagine  due to a rubber band motor that creates tension to power your homemade models – they will be able to cover the distances over 30 feet! 

DoEcoLiving always cares about your safetyso we pick up only the best eco-friendly toys for you. This wooden launcher is not an exception. The trigger has a protective castle, so you can actually lock it when you don’t need it.   

Unite your child’s upbringing with something from your childhood and spend entertaining time together with Ugears models at DoEcoLiving!  

Customer reviews
Lindsy Sansone
I like , they are very easy to assemble
Clark N Howard
Really good mechanical puzzles for adults on Doecoliving. I'm 64 and play as a small boy. Thank you for this amazing feeling
Do Eco Living
Clark N Howard, Thanks for choosing Doecoliving toy store!
We took 2pcs for our sons, because we could not share who will be the first to launch the airplane + everyone wanted to assemble a puzzle on their own
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