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Most magical puzzle flower from Ugears team

Combing of few things into one unit actually makes lives easier and our houses spacier. How about uniting something magical, beautiful and practical at the same time?

Ugears has a solution for it and it is called Mechanical 3d Flower puzzle for adults and teens. A magical ballerina that dances on the wooden flower with beautiful petals that open and close by mechanical movement. Isn’t it a great decoration that on practice works as a jewelry box! Ballerina is a holder where you can put all your jewelry or some small items and close the flower. You can even use it to make a proposition to your loved ones. Simply hide a ring inside and present to you soul-mate! 

Best choice for any occasion is a Ugears toy 

And don’t forget that it’s a wooden 3d puzzleso you will have an exciting time while assembling and additionally it will provide an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family. This cool puzzle will perfectly fit both kids and adults. We always think about our customers that’s why DoEcoLiving offers you only the best solutions that bring fascinating moments into your life! Look over all the product range from Ugears in our eco toy catalog. 

Customer reviews
My brother was impressed, and now I'm buying him another gadget for his birthday!
Wendy Kodak
My parents are from Ukraine. And I'm happy that you sell Ugear. It's fantastic and quality puzzles.
It’s a pity that you can’t attach photos to the review - our flower, after we decorated it, really became like a flower. So think about such thing guys – it would really be nice
Do Eco Living
Hadley, thanks for your advise. We will think about it. And for now you can add pictures to FB or Instagram and mark our page @doecoliving. That way others will see you perfect results!
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