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Best Haba Domino set for any age

Haba Company always presents us only unique and eco-friendly toys that become best sellers. Go-Go Domino is not an exception. It’s an exciting game set that can be played by little kids, preschoolers, teenagers and even grownups. Any person will totally fall in love with this exciting Montesorri inspired Haba game.

What can be more exciting than the pushing that first piece to start a colorful chain reaction. There is a bell in the game set and if it rings then you are the winner! 

Details of domino blocks set

The eco-friendly set includes 204 domino blocks. To make the game even more exciting there are 24 animal dominos. That way child can not only study shapes and colors, but animals too. And of course the domino set includes 12 round pillars, 6 staircases, 2 bridges, 1 bell structure.

Time to buy an exciting eco game for the whole family. Believe us you won’t be able to stop playing.

Customer reviews
Read the reviews and got it as Christmas presents - seems to be nice. Later when kids play will give you a wider review. delivery was accurate nd fast about 3 days - I'm from NY
Angela Queens
The grandkids love this and I love watching them even want to film them. They have had to learn patience and managing their frustration when they accidentally knock them down before they are ready. It's not our first buy for our grandchildren - we love The quality of the HABA toys. This Christmas we will buy some more.
Payton Scheer
Thnk you guys, got the order on time. The game is really so much fun. We ply it all together.
This activity can be used for counting, matching, and stacking so learning is extensive.
Dominoes HABA is a perfect choise!
Tushka Serigny
Unique product!
Luca T
Our favorite way to pass the time !! I think I'm addicted!
Kathleen Brevik
I bought this because it looks like fun and my grandchildren will find it interesting. HOWEVER - You need more "girl" stuff.
Do Eco Living
Kathleen Brevik, Thank you for your comment - we will take into account your advise.
Ambyr A.
A really good "starter set" for kids, with enough special peices ( steps, bell, bridges) to have fun, but not be overwhelming for a beginner. Would also make a great add-on set too.
Helena Ramirez
Nice buy really. During the day my child loves it and sometimes we use it as a game night with my girlfriends. So it's just a double hit.
Cody Macon
This is a really cool domino
Me and my husband have a Montessori kindergarten. I love this parenting and education type - I think it helps children to develop in the right way. Glad that I found you guys. Fast and free delivery is the best choice for shopping! I will be waiting for new range of Montessori toys from you.
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