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More details about Grand Piano - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

Do you remember the melody of musical boxes – it’s unique and unforgettable! But what about getting into your house an extraordinary thing with those great sounds of music? Wood trick combined the elegance of the musical instrument and the enchanting power of music and as the result you can see the Grand Piano 3d wooden puzzle for adults and teens. 

This mechanical toy will become a wonderful addition into your house deco or to your collection of wooden models. First you will get lots of pleasure while collecting it and afterwards you can enjoy the beautiful sounds of Moonlight Sonata melody. 

Toy wooden piano is actually a great idea to propose your children the example of famous classic music! That way you turn an exciting game into development of their knowledge. This vintage 3d model will for sure become a favorite home entertainment. It can unite your family in cozy evening near the fireplace. You can assemble it all together and then relish the melody.  Any adults or child will get lot's of possitive emotions from assembling this piano puzzle. 

It’s time to change TV-viewing and computer sitting into something valuable and cognitive and Wood Trick Grand Piano – is just the best chance to bring the idea to life! 

Customer reviews
John Thomas
I want my grandson to love all aspects of music, including how beautiful it is to build! Because music is what makes the world go round.
Austin Green
Got this one for myself actually - love spending time while assembling something. Took me few days - but now have a nice model at my table. Want to try the Hurdy-Gurdy now
Patricia Р
Mom liked the gift - dad was collecting it, and she got a decoration on the fireplace.
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