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Meet best eco grocery set from Le Toy Van Company

All children adore playing role games. One of the most favorite is a store game. All our kids love to imagine themselves as sellers since they always watch us shop and simply copy everything that they see.

Le toy Van Team always fights for comprehensive development of children and concerns for the environment at the same time. That’s why all their toys are extremely creative and environmentally friendly.

The Le Toy Van Grocery Set & Scanner is no exception. It includes products made of wood. They are neatly crafted and have a smooth surface. Each item looks very realistic. From a variety of groceries, one's eyes run wide.

This is just a paradise for role-playing games. Your child will be able to imagine himself as a buyer or a seller. He will work with a special device for scanning barcodes, stickers with images that are also included into the shop role play game set.

You child can use and develop his imagination while playing this set. An improvised location for entertainment can be both small kiosks and large supermarkets. This perfect Le Toy Van grocery set can be played actually anywhere – at home or as outdoor play. After playing it once you little pumpkin will forget what boredom is and will plunge into the atmosphere of developing and exciting fun gameplay.

More Le Toy Van grocery set and scanner description

  • Functional shopping basket;
  • A set of products, including canned tuna, butter, baguette, cookies, sweet corn, ketchup, olive oil, spaghetti, chocolate and cereal;
  • Barcode scanner and several barcode stickers.

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Customer reviews
Nice set really. Just got it few days ago. Already getting ready for Christmas. it's so cool that I want to unpack and play it myself lol
Well have to wait to give it to my kids
Jimmy Weeks
A very popular toy that spends little time on the shelf.
Plus the Eco friendly side of it.. I don't understand why anyone would rate this toy less than 5 stars!
Jilia F.
My daughter play with neighbor kids. Iit happen very seldom with quarantine and she is really happy this opportunity.
It's smaller in size than what I was expecting and the bills torn very fast part. Other is great.
Gracey Н.
Children like the set very much.
Illay F.
I loved this camper van toy - it's a classic model. I actually bought it for my collection. Thanks for fast delivery.
The Grocery Set & Scanner is my favorite developmental kit! This is wonderful gift for boys 4 y o .
George K.
My son loves this Grocery Set. Here is cash register toy for 4 year boys
Cathy M.
My daughter had purchased it for my granddaughter. She loved them so much. I am amazed at the quality, and will be shopping there again soon!
Do Eco Living
Cathy M., Thanks a lot for your trust!
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