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More details about Halloween Woodik Bat - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

Every year in October our kids are waiting for Halloween. They start to think over the costumes that they want to wear while doing trick or treat and collecting candies around the block. All the parents always try to their best so that their child was the happiest! 

But costumes are not the all about the Halloween day. One more major thing is decorations! We all decorate our houses in the scariest way. Every kid tries to help us because it’s so cool when you did something together and can be proud of it. 

One if the symbols of Halloween is a bat. And think how awesome could it be if you not simply buy a ready decoration bat, but assemble it together with your children! The best decision is Halloween Woodik 3d Bat puzzle made by Wood Trick. It’s a perfect wooden animal toy that will bring lots of exciting emotions to your family. And as the result it will become a great final touch in your deco! 

It’s eco-friendly bat toy puzzle because it’s made of wood so you can for example paint it so that it will fit your decoration style. And one more thing the 3d bat puzzle is mechanical, so it really moves!  
So don’t forget that in October Woodick bat is a best choice of a charming decoration or a creative gift for your loved ones! 

Customer reviews
Muffy Fehr
Bought it as Halloween decoration - at the same time hope my kids will like assembleing it. USPS must deliver it today - can't wait to see it.
Kirsten Cutor
I donated them to about a dozen people, and only one person is dissatisfied with them. They are great for many occasions.
Sean McCarthy
We bought 10 pieces last year as Halloween gifts. Everyone was satisfied.
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