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More details about HEXAPOD EXPLORER - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The spring motor inside the Hexapod Explorer is a powerful one and can push it forward for quite a while. Unlike other models, no supporting wheel is required to move it along. As a result, Hexapod Explorer can negotiate moderately rough terrain, which is fitting for an interstellar mechanism you can imagine it to be! What’s more, the Hexapod Explorer features a variable speed dial (for creeping, crawling or skittering). Our robotic bug alters its speed according to what you want!

The Hexapod Explorer wooden model kit features 388 pieces, a sturdy metal spring, powering the robot’s movements, as well as rubber band foot pads to achieve superior traction on slippery surfaces. This educational model has Medium difficulty level rating (assembly time about 8 h). Wind the internal spring with a ratchet key on the belly. No need to hold the key while winding — potential energy gets stored with every twist – no slippage – until the spring is completely loaded. Our Hexapod Explorer is able to traverse rough surfaces and step over 1-2 cm obstacles. Just crank the model up, put it down, pick the speed of your choice with the help of the dial on its head. Last step: release the “go” switch at the back to get our rover moving! Alter speeds at any moment, mid-run or on the following go.

Get ready for hours of fun with this spectacular piece of engineering marvel!

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