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More details about Honga – HABA Board Game

When we study the old times history we always have questions – and how everything actually was back in the old days?  How those cave man lived?

Today DoEcoLiving has a proposition for you. How about becoming a part of Stone Age Era just for an hour? The Honga Board Game from HABA team will help you do it. Juts start imagining.

Panic flared up in the Stone Age! The saber-toothed tiger clan is looking for a new leader. But who will be able to take care of the clan and thereby prove to be a worthy leader?

In order to find it out every player will have to solve various problems: to collect supplies, comb through the dark forest, pay tribute to the gods of nature, attract mammoths and successfully barter with other clans. At the same time there is another challenge. No matter how busy you are, you should never forget to take care of Honga! Anyone who will ignore the task will be robed by the saber-toothed tiger since he will come and eat your food.  

The Honga eco-friendly board game is a great fascinating game for both new players and for experienced ones. It will fit anyone who has reached the age of 8 years old. Actually you will be surprised when your friends and children will start playing it again and again. 

The Honga game set includes: 

  • 5 player trays;
  • 1 Honga figure; 
  • 1 depot board, 1 game board;
  • 46 action disks, 32 barter cards, 25 bonus cards; 
  • 1 mammoth tooth, 1 starting player fire marker; 
  • 30 mammoths, 5 cavemen, 5 scoring markers; 
  • 20 food markers; 
  • Set of instructions.

As all the other board games this Honga game from HABA is eco –friendly. All the elements of the game are made of natural material. So don’t forget by buying environmentally friendly toys you support sustainable play and spend your money wisely!

Customer reviews
Phillip Morgan
good game, got it due to quatrantine
D. Hanke
We have played many of your games and love them, have fun with them, and I love to play them.bye-bye
Fun game, easy to learn and play. Good with kids.
Cynthia Hr
Good game for spending time together
Wonderful board game!
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