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More details about Karuba - Card Board Game – HABA

Your child loves to watch movies about jungles, secret templates and treasures? But you get nervous when they spend lots of time in front of TV. Then DoEcoLiving has a nice proposition for you. 

Meet the Karuba Card Board Game from famous HABA toys Company. It’s time for your teens to fall into the jungle of the legendary island of Karuba, where innumerable treasures and majestic temples are hidden. Along with a squad of desperate treasure hunters, go on an expedition and find them earlier than your competitors!

The game will perfectly fit children of age 8 years and older and don’t be surprised, but it’s a great idea for adult’s game night too. Once you start playing you will understand how exciting the game is.  Choose the right tactic and draw a route from the maps that will lead your seekers out of the jungle to the desired temple and allow you to collect as many treasures along the way. 

The game set includes next items:

  • 96 game cards (16 cards per player);
  • 1 overview picture;
  • 1 set of instructions.

To become a winner and reach the intended goal, it is necessary to develop a clear tactic, be smart and think logically. This is a real challenge to little scholars! So don’t wait it’s time to start the game right now!

Customer reviews
Got it for my girlfriend's birthday, but we will all play together))
Amanda J
a fun game, somewhat similar to Sabotage
J. Bobay
Karuba is a unique and creative tile based game that is different each time and does not get old. Takes about 40 minutes to play. I have played with my kids many times (ages 10, 9, & 8) and they love it. The components are very well made, bags are included for the game pieces. I was and still am impressed.
Natalie Marie
Gave as gift. Receipient loved it!
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