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Best wooden lacing toy from Cubika

Lacing game "Fruits" from the popular manufacturer of educational toys Cubika is an original and colorful toy for children in the age 3 years and older. Every little kid will certainly love it.  A set includes parts of fruits from environmentally friendly wood with special large holes for stitching. All details are high quality sanded and treated with a lead free paint.

Advantages of playing lacing toy

All lacing toys are very useful.  This eco-friendly fruit lacing toy is no exception. Using strong laces of bright colors, the baby will learn to connect the pieces of fruit into a single whole. An interesting activity will be very useful for the development of the child. Painstaking work with laces will help to train fine motor skills, coordination of movements, and observation.  This toys is a perfect one for Montessori education. It can be used both at home and in kindergartens.

Just little patience and accuracy and the child will receive a set of excellent toys that can be used in many exciting games.


Customer reviews
Really nice toy.only I think it can be used earlier then the box says. My 2 1/2 LOL loves it.
I purchased these for my toddler kids since a lot of parents were recommending these toys to keep them engaged. The size is just great for child to hold it. before I bought similar t amazon but they were SO big that it was simply inconvenient. One more plus of the size is that it's easily to pack it anywhere due to the amount of space it takes up.

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