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More details about MARBLE RUN CHAIN HOIST - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The model features a hand crank-powered chain hoist, as well as a number of tracks, each boasting its fun and unique element or obstacle. The machine is put in motion by turning the handle clockwise. After that the wooden chain hoist picks the marbles and lifts them to the top of the device. Up there they are put on different tracks with the help of a 3-way switch. One marble is dropped down a chute featuring a loop-the-loop at the bottom. The next one ventures down several mind-boggling cascades. Three other marbles get collected in the accumulator, only to be directed along one of 3 shorter tracks. All of the marbles pass through the collector (common tray) before coming back to the chain hoist and embarking on their next journey.

This wooden model is a modular one, meaning that it can be joined with other Marble Run Chain Hoists  – two or four models can be hooked up (in pairs). Special connectors (included in the package) are used for this transformation. Two Marble Run Chain Hoists are attached together frontally. Alternatively, four of them can be joined together together (both frontally and laterally), resulting in a fun system of runs and hoists.

The Hong Kong Science Museum boasts the highest rolling ball sculpture in the world (the 72-foot tall ‘Energy Machine’). Although the Ugears wooden model is only one foot tall, it’s no less impressive and just as original! You will keep wondering which track your favorite marble will follow, as the compact model packs plenty of surprises into a small space. When marbles go into the 3-way switch, each marble slams a ‘door’ behind it shut, which allows the next marble to keep going. The 3rd marble, when it passes through the last hole, opens the doors with the help of a lever.

Learn about the operation of drive gears and driven gears in gear sets, the preciseness of ounterweights, and be inspired by the mechanics of the accumulator  and the 3-way switch and as they dictate the marbles’ pathway.

When you complete assembling this DIY marble run, the party will just be starting! Observe the wooden mechanical model function when you send the marbles on their way. Anyone looking for a unique gift for an inquisitive child or the child’s parents is surely going to get just that (and much more!) by choosing the Ugears Marble Run Chain Hoist!

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