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More details about Mayan Pyramid Ceramic Building Bricks WISE ELK

Did you ever hear anything about the history of the Mayan pyramid? It is very exciting and mysterious. Its height is about 30 meters; it is surrounded by stairs around the perimeter (91 steps on each side, which total 364 steps, exactly the same as the days of the year). The wide stairs are divided into 18 spans and each span corresponds to a certain month of the year, because the Mayan calendar was 18 months, not 12. Its 4 sides are directed strictly to the four cardinal points - north, south, west and east.

Today Wise Elk Company will help you bring a part and spirit of this old architectural construction into your house – meet eco construction set Mayan Pyramid for kids teens and adults. Just imagine you and your child can become a little architecture! The Mayan Pyramid Ceramic Building Bricks is totally environmentally friendly toy puzzle for kids and adults. The bricks are made of plaster and the glue is totally safe. Actually the set is reusable – you can put it into water and the bricks will be like new.

Wise Elk construction sets are a good solution to organize your children’s leisure. It will become a magic wind in the fight against the virtual world. When it comes to Weiss Elk toys, it's time to forget about all the stereotypes. Neither gender nor age matters. Both boys and girls will like their products. And the manufacturers themselves declare that their products are intended for people from 5 to 99 years old.

Any child or an adult will be totally in love with this building bricks puzzle and parents and grandparent can actually help in assembling. Wise Elk toys presented at DoEcoLiving are uniting family toys.  

Customer reviews
Amanda Alpert
Best customer service ever.
Michelle Petersen
The store is good, accepts different payments, good photos.
Nice gift for someone who needs a new hobby.
Try to wake up the architect in your child, can it work?
Do Eco Living
lina.michel, Yes sure - that's a great opportunity to develop your child's imagination, building and architect skills.
Nice one - we gathered it for few times. Though after second unglueing it still had some glue left. But everything else in good.
Do Eco Living
Lisa , Thanks a lot for your comment. Actually if you have some glue left it means that you put them for too little time into water. Just put them for few more minutes and all glue will go away!
Great toy - all our family loves to collect it. Good thing is that you can do it many times.
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