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More details about MECHANICAL AQUARIUM - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

This unique wooden puzzle features two fish chasing each other, as well as a tiny seahorse, observing the action from within algae fronds. The fish and the algae move parallel to each other but in different directions and with different speed, resembling the actual sea life rhythms.

The idea of creating marine aquariums has been around for centuries, with the Romans and the Aztecs making the first recorded attempts. Maintaining the right conditions in such aquariums required frequently changing the water, so most of them were located near the sea or ocean shores. Creating the first ever balanced marine aquarium was credited to Anna Thynne, a renowned biologist, who managed to keep stony corals and seaweed alive in an aquarium in London for almost three years. This experiment of 1846 later inspired the creation of the world-famous London aquarium. As the years went by, technology came to aid the scientists and aquariums grew in complexity, featuring advanced lighting, aeration and filtration systems.

Ugears lovers can now create their own mechanical aquarium without having to deal with all the above expenses and worries. All you need is our model and the desire to put it together!

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