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About sport cars set

All boys love sport cars. Especially when they get not one, but a whole set. They can play great role games imagining themselves as s world champion racers.

Just look over all advantages of such role playing car game:

  • It stimulates the child's imagination
  • Improves social and linguistic development
  • Develops decision-making skills as well as social interaction
  • The colorful design helps develop color recognition and stimulates the imagination.

And let’s not forget about the child’s safety. This wooden set is 100% eco friendly so your child’s health is in absolute safety.  Monte Carlo car set is decorated with non-toxic nd lead free paints and tested to the highest safety standards.  The material of production is durable sustainable rubberwood.

Time to choose best safe toys for your children together with DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
looked over the video on Youtube about LTV garage and cars so got them together with the garage as a Christmas gift. My son didn't play it yet though I honk he will be happy. Everything looks pretty cool.
Was looking for cars tht will serve for a long time in my son's garage. This one is just the right choice. before we had a lot of plastic ones but their life is too short. My crumble easily breaks them

These are really good made and since they are wooden they will really serve long. Now I am thinking about buying other few sets of cars from this company. It really saves you money and they are cute at the same time.
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