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More details about Motorbike - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

Everyone in the modern world comes to the conclusion that it is time to buy one or another means of transportation. Most decide to buy a car, forgetting the alternative - a motorcycle.

The MIKO motorcycle gives you the opportunity to fulfill your long-held dream, as this model does not require constant refueling and a special parking space. Classic design, front wheel shock absorption, side step, and its main advantage - it's eco-friendly.

This great wooden toy puzzle will bring lots of joy to your children, grandchildren and even to whole family or any adult friend. You can assemble it all together and then watch your child play with it.

Just look at all advantages:

  1. It’s made of high quality wood – so it’s absolutely eco-friendly and safe.
  2. It develops imagination and creativity.
  3. It’s a great opportunity to unite your family together.
  4. MIKO motorbike can be not only a great toy, but a perfect wooden model addition to any adult's collection.  

Don’t wait – it’s time to make right choices of best eco toys with DoEcoLiving! 

Customer reviews
Farrell Bolton
My son and I are delighted with this motorcycle. I don’t even know who is more pleased with him)
Marly T. Borno
I like this wooden models. This is my first 3d puzzle
Ready to take on another challenging experience.
Nice idea for a present. Fast delivery - got it in 2 days!
Sue Unha
The model assembles easily. But this is not the best 3D puzzle. it was boring
Good 3d mechanical model. I would even say unique. Never met this company before in the US stores.  
Austin Т
Not bad
Got this model few weeks ago. It's a nice one though had few troubles and broke few details. So just had to glue them. But anyways in the total result it looks great.
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