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More details about My Very First Games - Here, Fishy, Fishy! – HABA Board Game

All children enjoy the games where they can use their imagination and free play. And if you unite it with such a hobby as fishing you will get a Bingo! 

DoEcoLiving presents you the My Very First Games –Here, Fishy, Fishy board game from HABA toys brand. It’s an exciting fishing game that can become one of the first ones for your toddler. All the materials used in production are absolutely natural so you can be sure this fishing game is 100% safe and eco-friendly.  

You little child can play it by himself or together with his friend. The game is oriented on kids of ages of 2 years and older. While playing the kid will be able to use his concentration and practice hand and eye coordination. 

During the exciting eco gameplay your toddler will try the rod, fish different sea dwellers and start learning their first rules of gaming. 

The Here, Fishy, Fishy game set includes next items:

  • 1 rod with worm;
  • 6 sea dwellers;
  • 1 sea (bottom part of the box);
  • 4 collecting boards (with five toys to pop out);
  • 1 die with symbols;
  • Set of instructions.

It’s time to show your little pumpkin his first fishing game from HABA – the best producer of eco-friendly board games.

Customer reviews
Why is it written in the description that the game is for children from 3 years old, and in the instructions from 2 years old - where is the truth?
Do Eco Living
BrianCunningham, If you look ta the picture and into the description you will see that the game fits all the kids who are 2 years and older. In the specification it is placed in the age category 3-5, so that way there won't be any misunderstanding if we place it into 1-2 years since it won't fit toddlers.
Tory Jean
Now it's not clear who I bought the game for - for my husband or for my son
This is a cute game. I bought it for my toddler who is 3. I think it would be better for a 2 year old; the game itself was a bit boring for her and she lost interest in matching the fish with the colors on her puzzle board. But she does get it out and plays with the parts in her own way, so we are still getting some use out of it. For instance, she made a boat out of a cardboard box the other day and then went to get this so she could go fishing.
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