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More details about NATIVITY SCENE - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The world’s most celebrated holiday of Christmas has its roots in the birth of baby Jesus, who would come to be known to billions as Jesus Christ. That night, however, only Mary, Joseph and a handful of wise men knew of what was about to happen. The Magi traveled from afar to pay their respects to the mother and her child, sent to this world to make it better by the Father himself. Although the exact details of how it happened are subject to a certain amount of interpretation, the significance of the moment cannot be disputed!

Ugears celebrates the spirit of this occasion and all the virtues of the characters involved by recreating the Nativity Scene in this simple model. We purposefully created something which even the younger kids can assemble, for they are the ones who know the story as well as their mums and dads! Many of them have been in school Nativity plays – and now they can assemble one themselves or together with their beloved parents!

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