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More details about Pendulum Wall Clock - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

Time is a subject of constant study and endless admiration. Every new fact becomes an amazing discovery. Martin Luther King once said: “We must use time creatively — and forever realize that the time is always hope to do great things.” The invention of the clock is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Information about the first creators of watches is contradictory. Some facts indicate that the Babylonians were the first to “count” the time and introduced the concepts of year, month, day, night, hour, minute, second. Others indicate that their inventors are Greeks. But scientists still tend to believe that the first watches (gnomons) were created in Egypt, 4 thousand years BC. In 1657, the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens first invented a clock, the principle of operation of which was based on the laws of oscillation of the pendulum discovered by Galileo. He also created a balance regulator, useful later in the invention of wrist and pocket models.

Today DoEcoLiving eco-toys shop wants to bring King’s saying into everyone’s life. What about uniting time, creativeness and a great thing as a result?  Wood Trick has created a unique 3d mechanical puzzle for teens and adults - Pendulum Wall Clock. It’s a great wooden clock toy model especially for true connoisseurs! Impeccable design and excellent quality of 3d wood constructor will for sure give you a great time that will be spend with big use. Just think – you can collect all your family (both children and adults) and assemble it together. The eco-toy Pendulum Wall Clock will perfectly complement your interior and will be a great addition to your collection of wooden models from Wood Trick.  And don’t forget it’s a real copy of wall clock - yes it really works!  The wood clock puzzle is an eco-friendly toy made of high quality plywood so if you want to make a great, safe and useful toy gift for any holiday and for any age – from teens to adults and even elderly people. - 3d mechanical pendulums Wall Clock is just the right choice. Do the right choices with DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
Great puzzle - though it was a challenge to assemble it. Now it's a great wall deco in my office. Next probably will be Mayan calendar
Jennifer Green
Great Model
Rena DeVore
Was intrigued by the old world look of this model. So ordered it - had a good challenge assembling it. The model looks great now!
I look forward to giving them to my son, and we will collect them together. Love the complexity of each model and the reward for completing it.
Appeared to be too hard for us. While assembling we lost few details.
It was collected last week while stay at home time. Now I think it's a perfect fit of our wall.
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