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More details about Rhino Hero - Super Battle – HABA Board Game

Every little child dreams of becoming a real superhero that defeats evil forces. However, a famous character from a popular cartoon does not always become a superhero.  If you decide to pleasantly surprise your beloved five year old preschooler just invite him to play the original Rhino Hero – Super Battle board game from HABA brand. 

The manufacturer of this great game is the popular eco-friendly German company.  This brand is famous for the release of only high-quality games and toys for kids of different ages. 

A strong and courageous Rhino Hero sets off on an important mission. Together with your beloved child and three more superheroes - Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin he will protect his hometown from a gang of robbers. To solve the task assigned to him, a brave Rhino Hero and his superhero friends need to scramble at the top of skyscraper with all their might. Who will win the battles and successfully fend off the mean spider monkeys? By the way, don’t forget the fact that the heroes are heavy animals, not every structure can support their weight. 

The game set includes next elements: 

  • 1 game board;
  • 30 floors;
  • 24 short walls;
  • 24 tall walls;
  • 3 dice (red/blue/light blue);
  • 4 spider monkeys;
  • 4 superheroes (Rhino Hero, Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin);
  • 1 superhero medal;
  • Set of instructions.

Rhino Hero Super Battle board game from HABA brand is absolutely safe and eco-friendly. It will perfectly fit both children and adults so it will help you spend your money wisely. This fascinating 3D stacking game is one of the favorite board games of all times. It’s a great idea for family reunion and stay at home time.

Customer reviews
James Moffett
I thought it would be fun so I ordered ti. The game is nice, delivery was 5 days
Artur Grs
I enjoy playing board games with my grandchildren. A great way to spend time together
How many games you have, the range is so good tht I can't even decide what to choose.
Paul G.
Great game for both adults and kids to play together. Which is rare.
The upside is that it's really easy to explain and really fun to play
Silver Taranto
I have 4 children. They played together. Fantastic game 👍👍
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