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More details about Robot Hand - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

Every boy adores robots. It’s probably one of the most worldwide known toys. Especially after transformers movies appeared. Today in the stores you can find very wide range of robot toys. But which one should we chose to give the maximum of pleasure to your children?

Wood Tricks team offers you an unusual 3d mechanical puzzle – Robot Hand. It’s not a simple robot – it’s a 3d puzzle that your teen will need to assemble using creative thinking, logics and motor skills. This process will give you and your kid real pleasure. Once the assembling of wooden puzzle is done your kid can go on to the demonstration of the toy. Feel like a transformer or terminator! The eco toy robot hand can become a great idea for many games. It’s so unique that your child will forget about computer games and start playing in the real world.

At the same time you can actually spend a great time while aasembling such toy by yourself. Yes, Ugears 3d puzzles - are the best puzzles for adults too. They are actually for ages 12 -99 years! So not only kids, but adults canalso enjoy them. 

The wood construction set includes numerous parts made from environmentally friendly wood. Each part of the model is carefully processed sanded and coated with a special composition to avoid scratches and splintering. The puzzle hand is mechanical – all joints can bend and unbend.  Please your friends and relatives with an unusual eco toy from Wood Trick! Don’t wait and make your purchase at DoEcoLiving and you will not only buy a great eco-friendly product, but you will also help us save the planet in future!

Customer reviews
These kits are perfect for a lockdown situation. There was something to do
Gerald Morris
I've built two of your models earlier and am looking forward to shipping my latest purchase - Robot Hand! Your models are amazing. Thank!
I like this model - I think it's one of the most interesting fro teens. They can assemble and then play for a long time.
Sen Jones
Assembling took a while but afterwards my son loves running around and playing it. First it's a great mechanical puzzle and then it's a nice outdoor toy.
Offer a hand to iron Arnie - he will appreciate it (he just has a lot of free time). Lol
It was difficult, but happy with the result. Thanks.
Prince of Persia
We were inspired to buy by watching the movie Terminator. Completely repeats the movements of a living hand.
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