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Time for a space flight with Green Toys Rocket

In order for the dream of your beloved child in age of 2 years and older to come true, you need just a little help to realize it. But don’t worry; great eco toys USA Company Green Toys is ready to help you. Meet the Green Toys Rocket - just a perfect idea for a first space flight of you little ones. It’s just the time to start the countdown into your eco-space flight. 

Green Toys is USA manufacturer that constantly holds a leading position among production of 100% environmentally friendly toys made from 100% recycled plastic. This is due to the excellent quality of children's games and toys.

Unique features of the Rocket created by Green Toys 

This wonderful rocket will provide an exciting gameplay for your young researcher. The set includes a detachable top capsule and two astronauts that sport molded spacesuits, helmets, and dual-tank backpacks. 

The manufacturer took care to make this toy as attractive and safe as possible for children: 

  • bright colors;
  • original USA design;
  • smooth, pleasant to the touch surfaces;
  • has a main booster and three auxiliary fin boosters;
  • the toy is easily washed and can even be placed into a dishwasher; 
  • no BPA, phthalates or PVC;
  • meets FDA food contact standards;

No time to think! It’s time to organize the flight to space with the best eco rocket toy from green Toys at DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
Monya Jones
Nice rocket toy, though the delivery was 6 dys. But as it appered it was cause by USPS. They hd some delays and I was told about it at their hotline. So it total everything is ok
Wolfgram Lisa
My son likes rocket toys so green toy is just a great choice. I ordered one for my Benny and one more for my nephew - so got free shipping
Heidi Fyffe-Yocum
Without a doubt that Green Toys are the most durable, reliable toys in the market.
My son liked it. I like it too since I understand that it's made from recycled milk bottles. Delivery was really fast - got it like in three days!
Lisa Q
This is the rocket that attracts all the kids in the park. Just watch him on the playground. They stole from us
Great toy and well worth the money.
Dany Barrett
Looks cool
my kids loved the rocket, It was great but needs to be wiped very well.
Anne Rudziensky
Now all our dolls are called Elon Musk))))
Really nice one rocket toy. I adore Green Toys - they are great 4 kids)
Nice one! My little pumpkin adores such type of toys. I'll think about it)
Mummy Р
In each of us lives Elon Musk))
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