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More details about SCRAMBLER UGR-10 WITH SIDECAR - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

Your new Scrambler bike from UGears is ready for a full-on adventure and hitting the road, both asphalt and dirt! Mid 20th century saw the production (initially by Triumph and BSA) of a city bike, which also managed off-road riding effortlessly. Such dual functionality was achieved by a peculiar suspension design and relatively high placing of the mufflers, the engineering feats also used in our new model. Like the original Scrambler, the set from UGears features a fork and pendulum suspension, both at the back and the front. This ensures a fast and steady ride you are bound to utterly enjoy! This model will appeal to all those who can’t imagine their life without traveling and the air of freedom, which this amazing bike seems to embody through its combination of retro design and advanced mechanics. The model features a side car for that extra passenger, which will make the journey even more memorable.

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