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Constructor stack and play from Haba

The well-known German company Haba launches a wide range of fascinating constructor sets on the children's eco toys market. The stack and play game set is one of them.

It will be suitable for any character of your baby. The game-designer develops attentiveness, imagination, perseverance, patience in children.

Features of Haba blocks stack and play 

Each detail of the wooden  constructor is simple and perfect at the same time. They perfectly corresponds to the Montessori toys and games. Eco-friendly set has a total of 18 bright and colorful elements. Your child will be able to collect something new and beautiful each time.

You can even play the Haba stack and play blocks set with the whole family. It will perfectly cheer you up. It’s just the right time to organize a great eco play for your child with DoEcoLiving online toys store!  

Customer reviews
My kids love to play with blocks - 2 and 5 yo/ It's actually a great game when they play together and I have some free minute. This set is not the first one, but I really like it. it's really durable. even after 3 month of usage I don't see any scratches, though it happened before with other sets. My overall opinion - it's a good block set worth it's price.
Ashley Meyer
There is one drawback - few details
Thank you for a great product and exemplary service.
I liked them and my pumpkin did it too. Met it at guys instagram and marked it in my head as a nice idea.
Berta S
This wood blocks are fantastic. Perfect quality.
Lila Claghorn
Thank you, as always you are on top
Helen Patrick
I bought it as a montessori toy. Really good!
Kim Taylor
In total a nice toy, but still it's very bright colored. So I am still thinking about giving it to my little crumble. Is that really safe? Usually eco paints are not that bright.
Do Eco Living
Kim Taylor , Yes all the paint are absolutely safe and natural. they are all certified and allowed for babies.
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