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Meet Haba Stacking Cubes Rapunzel

Rapunzel is an interesting fairy tale about a beautiful girl with magic hair, that spend her life in a high tower. There she waited for a prince who would free her. Specialists from the German company Haba created a stacking blocks Rapunzel. Every girl will love it since it will bring a little piece of Rapunzel story into the house.

Details of Rapunzel stacking cubes

The kit includes 10 different-sized cardboard cubes made of thick cardboard. On their sides the painted numbers, animals, flowers and other images are shown. If you build a tower of cubes, then a bright picture with the beautiful Rapunzel depicted on it will open in front of the child. The game process with an eco-set from the Haba trademark has a positive effect on the development of imagination, spatial thinking and hand movement coordination among children. Cubes introduce children to the outside world and the basics of math. If you love Montessori toys then this stacking cubes must be your choice.

Customer reviews
The cubes appeared to be so big, but they are very light so you can be sure kids won't have problems. Though due to size I would definitely recommend it for about 3yo+
Tamara Litovchenko
Children already ruined these. They do not hold up to teethers. I do not recommend if they still put things in their mouths.
For girls only?
Do Eco Living
Rylan, Actually this toy can be played both by boys and girls. The main thing is that you r gild will enjoy the great game-play time!
Daniel Wezi8496
What are the models dimension? on the photo I see that they are kinda big! Will they fit my little daughter. i'm afraid they are too large and heavy.
Do Eco Living
Tim , don't worry the toy is light - so any child is able to use it. The cubes are stacked one into another and the packed dimension is 5 x 6 x 5 inches. this is the biggest cube. Any child will be able to easily play with this great stacking toy!
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