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Stagecoach Ugears - your travel in time

Actually DoEcoLiving shop has exciting news for you – it’s time to become a part of our time travel. All this can become true thanks to the Ugears brand of puzzles for adults and teens. Today we will move around the XVIII century and we will be able to see the legendary vehicle of that time. A mechanical 3d wooden puzzle called Stagecoach will help us on our journey. This unique wood model puzzle will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. With this eco toy that consists of mechanisms, as well as all kinds of gears, we can find out many facts. For example how the vehicle functioned. It was used to deliver our ancestors, goods, passengers and mail.

Details of Stagecoach construction 

The wooden toy vehicle has a massive frame and powerful wheels. Decorated stagecoach carved cabin has opening elements. The high detailing of the eco-friendly puzzle deserves praise - every detail has been worked out. Designers have not forgotten even about mail chests. There is a winding mechanism on the bottom.

In the constructing kit you will find everything you need to assemble a stagecoach. All parts are made of high quality wood so the Ugears puzzle is 100% environmentally friendly. It will be the great eco gift idea for anyone! Check out all Ugears models in our catalog! 

Customer reviews
Liam Christopher
My wife gave me a jigsaw puzzle for my birthday and it was a great puzzle
Kavita Mistry
This will be my second build after the oil rig. Since the inception of the rig, it is truly an incredible thing and truly beautiful when completed.
Can you please tell how long does it take to assemble it? Will my 13 year old grandson handle it?
Do Eco Living
Thomas , Yes sure - all 3d mechanical puzzles fir perfectly children from the age of 12 years old.
Can't say that I'm absolutely satisfied. My 8 year old son broke many details. As the result we cant' assemble it. So what can I say - it's not our kind of toy.
Do Eco Living
Alana, the problem that appeared was actually caused by the age of your kid. All 3d mechanical puzzles are for ages 12+ and unfortunately your kid is younger. In such cases we recommend the parent to help their kids in assembling.
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