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More details about STEAM LOCOMOTIVE - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

UGears 460 Steam Locomotive with Tender: UGears wooden train kit. This miniature replica of the 19th century steam engine is a perfect gift to celebrate the era of steam power. Despite being powered by a rubber-band motor, Steam Locomotive features an ingenious system of visibly functioning asynchronous pistons and valves connected to drive wheels through moving rods and linkages that creates a beautiful working example of a steam engine’s operations. The most popular model at our Kickstarter campaign, Steam Locomotive features real-life details such as, a fully equipped engineer’s cab with retractable step ladder, art-deco boiler trim, and a Tender with functioning doors. It is our largest and the most complex model to date; nonetheless, with easy to understand step-by-step instructions and quality design it can be fully assembled in a single session. A perfect gift for wooden train kits enthusiasts.


UGears Railway Platform, UGears Tram On Rails, UGears UGM 11 Truck, UGears Additions To Truck

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