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More details about STEM LAB DIFFERENTIAL - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The UGears Differential is an illustration of a common part of a car transmission that is responsible for the vehicle’s maneuverability and performance. The differential was invented in 1825 by a Frenchman, Onésiphore Pecqueur. However, it was significantly improved by a German automotive engineer, Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s.

The UGears Differential set consists of the following parts: Drive and Side Gears, Locking Lever, Locking Clutch, and two Wheels. This model can be brought to life by simply pushing the Lever in the 1st position (Up) which sets the Drive Gear and both wheels in motion. In turn, the Control Lever is used for regulating the smooth locking of each wheel independently. The 2nd (Down) position of the lever enables the wheels to either stay idle and locked or to rotate simultaneously.

What is included in the UGears STEM-lab box? Pocket Model’s Study Guide, a beautifully-illustrated and detailed Manual, high-quality wooden boards with pre-cut puzzle pieces, and rubber bands – in some sets. You don’t need glue or any other special tools.

Additionally, the UGears STEM-lab series features the augmented reality (AR) feature. In order to use it, download the STEM Lab app. Then point your phone or tablet at the newly-assembled set. The app will show all the features of the mechanism, as well as its real-life applications. You can also study the mechanism from any angle as well as zoom in on it.

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