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More details about STEM LAB СOUNTER - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The UGears Counter set is a miniature version of the real-life mechanism that is an integral part of an odometer. Odometers can be seen in cars and they show the mileage. Other uses of this mechanism include counting flight passengers, event visitors or store customers, and etc. It is an ancient tool that was invented by an Ancient Greek engineer Hero of Alexandria. This ancient prototype was used to measure the distance covered by counting the number of wheel rotations.

The UGears Counter consists of a Click Button that is used to register values, a Geneva Drive that sets the whole mechanism in motion, Cylinder Gears with Numbers, and a Turn Handle. The Counter can register values between 1 and 999, it can be also easily reset.

The cylinder gears with numbers are rotated by the Geneva Drive mechanism that is, in turn, set in motion by the click-button. Press on the click-button or turn the handle to make the counter shift by one place.

Every UGears STEM-lab box features everything you need for a scientific project pf your own. This includes a Pocket Model’s Study Guide, a colorful and detailed Manual, pre-cut puzzle pieces that are made from high-quality plywood, and additional materials, such as, for example, rubber bands. You will not need glue or any other special tools.

The only thing that you will need and that is not included in the box is the STEM Lab app that will allow you to take a closer look at the model you just built. It is an integrated AR-experience for the whole family to enjoy. Simply aim your phone or tablet at the UGears Counter and learn more about the real-life applications of this mechanism.

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