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More details about Tractor - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO

In the times of technological and computer progress it is very difficult to please a modern child with a toy. But the Ukrainian manufacturer of eco-friendly toys MIKO care of this and released an original eco toy that will capture the biggest fidget - the mechanical 3D puzzle Tractor.

An exciting process will lure any child ot adult with the head and the result will please everyone. The uniqueness of the wooden 3D puzzle is that the parts are assembled without glue and special tools. You just need to get the details out of the board and assemble them according to the instructions.

Older children can easily cope with the task and parents can help the small kids. During the assembly process a wonderful, voluminous tractor model is obtained. It can become a nice addition to the collection of wood models on the shelf or become a favorite toy for your kid.  

The wooden tractor is a great realistic copy of his old real brother. Jut like the real one, he has movable pistons. The movement occurs with the help of a rubber motor. The model is all-wheel drive. This makes the3d tractor toy more interesting. Give your child a fascinating game - a mechanical 3D puzzle "Tractor". It will not only become a wonderful puzzle toyfor teens and adults, but also allow you to develop creativity abilities and logical thinking of any person of any age. Make the right choice with the best eco-friendly toys at DoEcoLiving store!

Customer reviews
Bobby Tyrrell
This is an awesome product. I look forward to my next challenge.
Kevin Louse
First I ordered a bolid and I loved it. So I decided and got this one too. They are great, now I am thinking about more models. Wish I had more free time to assemble them.
Jeff D.
is this 3d puzzle tractor moving?
Do Eco Living
Jeff D., Yes as all the other models - MIKO puzzles are mechanical so after assembling they all move just like the real ones!
Den Lankan
Is this brand something new? i never met it between other 3d puzzles. Is it as easy to assemble as Ugears models?
Do Eco Living
Den Lankan , Yes this brand is the new one on the territory of the USA. It's actually Ukrainian brand - same as Ugears. So you can be sure that the quality is high.
Ann Sheeling
Interesting model - actually unusual, did not met it in other suppliers of 3d puzzles. My husband and son loved it. It was a little mind crush for both of them.
Ordered 2 pcs of them for my twins. They are really bored now - but this 3d puzzle really made their gameplay - at least one day without PC is a great idea of the time spending.
Have you thought about how to keep children busy during quarantine? And spend time with them? If not, then catch the idea - collect puzzles with the children (I liked it myself)
Do Eco Living
Christopher, Thanks for your recommendation
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