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More details about Truck with Tanker - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The Truck with Tanker is part of a new generation of UGears mechanical models that is distinguished by its sophistication and improved features. This model has the ability to run, shift, steer and accelerate like a real-life truck. Fuel up your gas tank by turning the lever on top of the cab. Start your engine by shifting your gear to “idle,” and watch your truck drive smoothly down the lane. As your truck moves, you can see four pistons realistically moving under the folding hood. Inside the truck’s cabin are a fully functioning steering wheel and gas pedal. Once you are ready to embark on your next transport, shift the transmission to “forward.” You can even shift to “reverse” to see your truck move backward.

The cylindrical Tanker is equipped with an opening mechanism that allows you to insert a standard 0.33 liter can as cargo. By turning the dial atop the holding cell, the side and back walls of the Tanker slide down to reveal the inner tank body. Feel free to use this UGears Truck as a fun way to transport a can of spirits or soda pop in between friends at a picnic table or basement wet bar. This truck can easily handle the weight of a hefty soda can.

This tanker truck model kit is the perfect blend of clockwork and steampunk worlds. UGears engineers purposefully designed this model to have a skeletal framework so that any casual observer can appreciate the inner gear mechanisms in action. With close to 600 parts, this is no simple build. However, the detailed step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. Each component is made of high-quality plywood that is precut with laser precision. Additional tools or glue are not necessary and everything you need for complete assembly is included in your model kit. The finished build of this Trucker is simply rewarding. Not only is this tanker truck functional, but its clever design is also aesthetically pleasing. This model would be a great gift for anyone with a love for both simple and complex mechanics.

Use this tank trucker as a diesel-free way to appreciate the scale of oil transportation that occurs today. Though designed to snugly fit standard soda cans in its tanker, this trucker can easily transport small hors d'oeuvres, ping pong balls, or even game time snacks between you and your friends. The UGears Truck with Tanker model is an entertaining piece for any social gathering. Coming up with new ways for this tanker truck to transport your home oddities will be part of the fun!

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