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More details about UGM 11 TRUCK - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

Ugears UGM-11 Truck represents a new generation of our mechanical models offering a higher level of sophistication and some new components. It is a feature-packed reproduction of a vintage truck resembling the iconic 1920’s Ford Model. A set of rubber-bands powers a chattering four-cylinder engine with moving pistons as well as a capable of shifting into forward, neutral, park, and reverse transmission.  Inside the cabin is a working steering wheel and accelerator pedal that actually revs the engine. The UGM-11 Truck is what we call a 100% “Rubberpunk”; it is a perfect combination of both, clockwork and steampunk worlds. We deliberately designed this model to have a raw, open look so even the casual observer could appreciate the marvels going on inside.
This wooden Truck kit may take some time to build, but the outcome is absolutely worth the effort for those who love mechanics.


UGears Additions To Truck, UGears Tractor, UGears Tractor`s Trailer, UGears Combine Harvester

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