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Meet Ugears train - amazing puzzle model

Through the time trains developed a lot and today we can even see and travel a magnetic levitation train that develops the speed up to 370 miles per hour! On the other hand let’s look at steam trains – they are not less exciting them modern trains. Ugears Company will help us in our expedition.

If your child or any adult friend loves steam locomotives or is interested in modeling, then the mechanical wooden 3D puzzle V-Express Steam Train will be an excellent gift for him. Such eco toys for young technicians and adults are produced by the famous Ukrainian trademark Ugears. This company specializes in the manufacture of unique environmentally friendly cool 3d models. They are assembled without glue and any other means of fixation.

Assembly process of Ugears train  

Mechanical puzzles are assembled from wooden elements. All of them are carefully sanded and checked for cracks. The presented model of wooden steam train will look like an old locomotive with a tender. The finished model can be installed on the wooden rails that are included in the kit. The most interesting thing is that the train can be rolled on a flat surface or on existing rails. The length of the trails is 28 inches. A child can put a model on a shelf or use it as a toy to play. It actually can be a great idea for a birthday gift for a kid or just a present for any adult friend as a wooden model puzzle. Choose the best eco-friendly Ugears wood toys at DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
Deb Katovski
Ordered 2 pcs for my nephews as presents for Thanksgiving. I hope they will like it. They are 10 and 12 and they adore lego - but I decided that this puzzle will be a good idea of something new
Awesome. I love the ingenuity that goes into making these.
Carrie T
What fun products!
Allen Arnie
Not suitable for my 12 year old son - it was difficult for him to assemble the constructor
Do Eco Living
Allen Arnie, This is actually absolutely normal situation since all 3d wooden puzzles fit all teen from age 14+ . And is your son is 12 it's ok that he will need help to assemble it. So just make it a family night and assemble the model all together, isn't it a great idea!
Who doesn't love toys! Who doesn't love trains!!!
Harry Morris
I'm giving this to my son and we're going to put this together. It's amazing.
Kimberly Games
Good train model. My Eric collects wooden models and this one became great addition. Good and fast delivery.
Mandy Ryan 777
Unreal cool stuff
Got it as a Christmas present for my nephew. He's actually totally abscessed by trains. He loved assembling it - though it took him few days. You know kids can't sit at one time for to long. As the result he is now waiting for next model from me as a present. So thanks guys - I will be back to you soon for next buy)
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