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More details about Wall Mayan Calendar - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

It’s probably an indisputable fact that the Mayan Calendar does not need to be introduced. Only the lazy one does not know about its existence and meaning.  Wood Trick Company has developed its own version of this famous calendar – 3d mechanical puzzle Wall Mayan Calendar. Be calm, this eco-friendly toy calendar will not predict the end of the world and other apocalyptic phenomena, it's just a great puzzle for adults and teens. Wood Trick puzzle calendar will serve you as an excellent addition to the interior of your home and will also help you to always be aware of what day of the week, month, year and day it is. It will not be difficult to assemble the Mayan Calendar wood model and you can do it just in the evening in a warm family circle.

The calendar is made of environmentally friendly and completely harmless materials without harm to the environment. Assembly of the mechanical puzzle is carried out without glue. The Mayan Calendar is a wonderful gift for your loved ones! Wood Trick Company produces the highest quality and best wooden eco toys for you and your family! This is a very unusual, interesting, and environmentally friendly toy constructor that will bring joy to both an adult and a child.

It's so nice to assemble a working mechanism from scratch with your own hands! How to do this? It’s very simple! On the wooden tablet all the details of the puzzles are cut so they are easily taken out and joined. After all the details of our mechanism are ready all you need is simply connect the elements according to instruction.

Believe us 3d mechanical Mayan Calendar bought at DoEcoLiving will bring an amazing gameplay to your family! Buy the best puzzles for adults and children at our store! 

Customer reviews
Cheryl Cross
We bought our son the first calendar for Christmas, liked the design and execution, then bought 2 more and hung it up as a decor in the bar.
Stanley Herms
had bought many 3d mechanical puzzles from different brands. But this one beat them all. It was one of the hardest but the most amazing ones in the end. Now it serves as a great wall decoration in my living room.
Cool wall decor
This calendar gave my whole family big task. We actually assembled it for about three days. Of course we didn't spend whole day - but in the evening. So I can tell you - it really unites the family. I think last time we had so much fun when we collected world map puzzle.
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