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More details about White House Natural Ceramic Building Bricks WISE ELK

The world's first baby building constructor turns 150 years old. In 1870, a German educator created miniature blocks from which buildings could be created. The Wise Elk brand is a pretty new one in the world market. However this young brand has managed to prove itself due to its original products and careful approach to details.

Today Wise Elk presents you a perfect set to create a copy of the American’s honor – The White House.  The ceramic set refers to a collection dedicated to the world's architectural structures. 

This magnificent building set from Wise Elk will please any young or adult architect. Thanks to its realism any kid will be able to recreate the layout of the famous White House in the US with his own hands. It’s just the time to feel the atmosphere of the Washington.

The details are made of gypsum, which is an environmentally friendly, safe and durable material. So you can be totally calm about the safeness of your child’s gameplay. 

Assembling of the White House ceramic building set develops imagination, logic, spatial thinking and fine motor skills. Stop thinking and get an exciting game to your kid’s and adult's room too!

Customer reviews
Alexandra Cognee
A unique gift that answered my need.
Hannah Wolf
My family liked it - we spend nice time all together. The blocks are good maded. We tryied to aassemble and then used water to unglue it. Everything works great.
Beth Houf
My kids were impressed with the finished product as I assembled myself and they saw it already assembled.
B. Thornton
Damn it ... you guys are awesome !!! one hundred stars and thumbs up !!!!
Robbin Reinacher
Birthday gift!
Daniel Walsh
Excellent detailed instruction. Now only need to put it together. I think it will be fun!
Tonny D. Calm
Fast delivery
Can it be assembled only 1 time?
Do Eco Living
Tasha, No you can actually assemble it as many times as you want! And it's cool. You just need to put the blocks in the water for a while and the glue will dissolve. Then you will be able to assemble it again! or even try to make something new using your own imagination.
Tushka Serigny
We already have a small brick town
Kate Stevens
This one appeared to be an awesome toy! My grandson totally fell in love with it. First time we have collected it all together. And now my daughter told that he did it for two more times alone. Thanks for such idea of a game-play)
Jane Nile
Got it for my grandson - he loved it. We assembled it together - it was a great family evening!
Bob jackson
Home Sweet Home))
In the beginning we built the White House, and then we took it apart and started building our houses
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