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More details about Wooden pixels “Space” CUBIKA

The harmonious  development of the child is directly affected by the toys with which he spends leisure time. When our little kids become preschoolers we need to pay big attention to logical and imaginative thinking, attentiveness, perseverance, and fine motor skills of fingers. To prevent our kids from spending time in virtual world we need to offer them high quality interesting toys that will give them best gameplay ever. Today DoEcoLiving is happy to offer you a toy that has all of above in one eco-friendly educational toy.

Meet the Wooden Pixels Mosaic Space - a great Montessori insired toy from Ukrainian brand Cubika. It is an excellent choice for both boys and girls from 4 to 10 years of age. In a colorful box is a playing field, pictures, diagrams and detailed instructions. Cubika's Wooden pixel mosaic is an eco-game set since all the details are made of natural wood - beech and poplar. The paint of the elements of the mosaic is safe water-based and non-toxic. So the mosaic toy is absolutely safe for the health of children and does not fade over time. Perfect grinding of parts makes it possible to avoid accidental injuries, chips and splintering.

The set consists of multi-colored pixel cubes from which the child will be able to collect 7 images on a space theme:

  • A rocket;
  • An astronaut;
  • A satellite;
  • The planet;
  • A flying saucer;
  • 2 surprise images.

Each game with Cubika's Wooden pixel space mosaic will be interesting and exciting, and you can repeat it as many times as you like. Make a great gift for you children and grandchildren at DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
It's our 3 pixel mosaics. I think its a good toy especially for fine motor skills development. First son didn't want to play alone so we played it together - but now it's probably one of his favorite type of toys
We had been waiting for the price on this brand to go down. We are glad we purchased it on sale.
C L.
My son really likes this mosaic. He can play with it for many hours. Finally I have time for myself. I will buy such mosaics again.
Cool and unusual
Please tell me can I buy it for my 2 year old son or the details are too little?
Do Eco Living
Julie, This toy is good for 3 year old and older. For 2 years the details are too little so the baby can swallow it.
My son wants to be as an Elon Musk. He is going to build space rockets. It's a first step 🙂
perfect workmanship + many mosaic ideas
Skylar Robbins
Good one, liked it. my son liked it too, though it’s hard to control the parts. Kids throw it all over the house. So I think the life of a toy won’t be too long. Though the toy is good eco quality
Summer Aria
how cute they are, these are your cubes
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